Oil Paintings on Canvas and Wood Panels

My name is Robert Vincent and I have lived in the Northernmost end of the Great Sacramento Valley for over 4 decades. My cellphone & text number is 530-921-3481, my email is   shastacraft@att.net    and mailing address is P.O. Box 722, Anderson, California 96007.

My home and studio is in the rural area outside Cottonwood, California about 5 miles west of Interstate 5.

Now in my 50's, having creating art most of my life utilizing pencils, pens & ink and watercolors, I rediscovered oil painting  about a decade ago.

The paintings are often heavily textured and glossed. While I may paint similar scenes concurrently, there are no prints-each image is hand painted, brushstroke by brushstroke. My studio typically has a dozen or more paintings in various stages of completion as the oil paint is artfully applied in layers and I like to let them dry a bit in between the layers of paint.

My oil paintings are all individually painted on stretched canvas, canvas panels, and special artists wood boards using quality long lasting materials. The images often depict calm vernal pools on a hillside that provides a dramatic vista. Perhaps it's the many hours I enjoy painting but I think of these works as places to imagine oneself, useful devises on a wall that allow a human to rebalance their inner disposition and put things in perspective. As a registered nurse I strive to make my paintings beautiful and therapeutic, and a source of wellbeing that can be returned to indefinitely.

My Etsy Shop:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/Shastacraft?ref=search_shop_redirect